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Due to a high demand of calls regarding Mold/Lyme/CIRS questions from potential patients, we have created this page to help better answer some of your general questions regarding Carla Brook's protocol and treatments.



Easy, simply call us! But first, please read through this page to ensure we're a good fit. Treatment of mold is often times financially compelling and requires a patient's commitment to their treatment plan. Often times in surviving mold illness, many patients get worse before they get better due to detox. At Riverbend Integrative Medicine we require patients to want to get well and commit to overcoming this tough illness. This means being serious about following treatment plans and following up with your provider on a regular basis without exception.


An excerpt from Richie Shoemaker regarding treatment: “Surviving Mold begins with knowing what’s wrong and developing a plan to defeat the abnormal physiology of innate immunity that would otherwise inexorably progress to take the life out of living. Having the right plan means that mold sickness patients need to both listen and learn, two functions they often no longer perform well. Having the right plan means being patient, because a step-by-step mold illness treatment process doesn’t allow anyone to skip steps or be creative and do things differently. It means ignoring what you heard from a brother-in-law that he heard in a talk on the radio; or read in a blog written by some self-anointed expert from deserted sands; or read on a web page written by a scheming shyster trolling for your money. All those pitfalls are out there. Living this plan demands attention to detail, too, but in the end, all this listening, learning and doing, slowly brings back a life filled with meaning and fullness, vitality and insight, as the new therapies correct the immunologic disease often called mold sickness.”



Well if you haven't visited Montana before, we'd say this could be a great opportunity. However, we understand that many folks suffering from mold illness are often times not well enough to travel and/or are financially unavailable to do so. So here are your options:


2. You may do your first, initial consult via phone or Skype but then need to be willing to have an in-office consultation in Lakeside, Montana with Carla Brook for follow up. At this time, we would draw blood for any labs if necessary.



Please keep in mind these are only estimates and are always subject to change. Also, please be advised we do not accept insurance and require payment at time of service. If you request we can offer you a HICFA form for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, or for a small fee our EHR company will submit your claim for you (reimbursement gets paid directly to patient). Please contact your insurance company prior to service to see what they may cover and/or if they cover out-of-network providers. Riverbend Integrative Medicine is not responsible for any reimbursements.


Initial Consult: $400 - An initial mold consult can take on the upwards of 2+ hours. Patients suffering from mold/lyme/CIRS most times have extensive symptoms that require an extreme comprehensive analysis to determine the right treatment plan.

Follow Up Consults: $250/hr - We ask in order to help our patients on track with their treatment plans that they follow up with the provider every 2 to 4 weeks for the first 3 to 4 months, then every 6 months after relief of symptoms.

• Average Monthly Costs of Supplements: $100 - Please understand we use a local pharmacy, Remedies Lakeside, for all of our recommended supplements to assure quality brands and correct dosages. If you do not live within the area, know they do personalized shipping.

Labs: $300-600 - Again, your insurance may cover the costs of labs, please call them in advance to see what your plan covers. If you are without insurance, we find that this is the range at which the tests costs. Again, this is just a general quote, allowing them to be either less or more.


If you agree mentally and financially to get rid of your mold illness, please call to schedule your appointment at (406) 407-9245. If you have additional, specific questions or concerns, please e-mail all inquires to or fill out the form below. Please note that we will not offer any treatment advice or protocol information without an initial consult.



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